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EP 4: Buying Property with a Credit Card to Harvard Business School to Creating Generational Wealth



For this episode, we had Roberto Young, and we discussed buying real estate with a credit card. Now you might ask, what is so special about buying real estate with a credit card? Well, usually, when we buy real estate, we get a loan first. Because it involves an application process and you can get rejected or denied if the lending institution does not think you are financially capable of paying it off, even if you really are. With a credit card, you don’t have to go through all that as long as your credit limit can take it and as long as you’re wise enough to take steps to be able to pay it off. Before we get into credit limits, let’s back up a bit and talk about how Roberto got to the point where he was able to buy real estate with a credit card in the first place. When he was a student at the University of Memphis, he was on a football scholarship and received a stipend from football. He treated this stipend as his cash flow, so he budgeted it, used his credit card for his regular expenses, and paid it off using his budgeted stipend. By treating his credit card like a 30-day advance and paying it off on time every month, he was able to raise his credit limit from $250 to more than $40,000, and he did this by calling the credit card company every few months to ask for a credit limit increase. They were more than happy to grant this because Roberto’s credit history showed him as a reliable borrower! He kept doing this throughout all five years of college. After college, he had a business of cleaning corporate office spaces and his employee told him that a property next door was going on auction. Roberto saw an opportunity here and capitalized on it. He participated in the auction and won. Where at this point, other people would start going to the banks or the lenders to finance their purchase of real estate, Roberto used his credit card to purchase the property. $18,500 went to purchasing the property itself, and $12,000 went into improving it. That is $30,500 he spent on his credit card to buy and flip the property. Eventually, he had a tenant, got the property appraised for $55,000 and pulled out $44,000.00. He was able to pay off his $30,500 credit card bill in full. Now guess what he did with the remaining credit on his card. He bought and flipped another property and sold it off while making a profit. He did all these while working full-time for Boeing and on top of his own cleaning business. At around this time, he had an excellent credit limit of 740. As a young engineer with a single credit card, he was able to flip two properties and sell them profitably without ever going to the bank which could have gotten him hooked on interest payments for a much longer time. He was able to do all these just because of the smart decisions he made all throughout college. His experience shows not only how real estate can help you achieve financial freedom but also how you can start young to get to a point where you can profit off real estate. Credit cards are powerful tools that, when used smartly, can bring you financial freedom. By paying off your bills on time and spending on your card only what you have, you can work towards increasing your credit limit steadily to the point where you can eventually use it to buy real estate, just like Roberto did. Real estate is a unique asset class that does not depreciate, unlike other things you can buy. If you are disciplined, focused, and have a plan in mind, you can capitalize on real estate to pave the way towards financial freedom. It is always in our interest to own real estate in this country. The framers of our Constitution were landowners, so they made the rules in their own interest. By being a landowner yourself, the laws and the rules of the game will be in your interest as well, and real estate is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom, if you are armed with the right knowledge to make the right choices. This was Roberto’s driving belief since he was a kid, and it has helped him tremendously while he was just a starting engineer. I hope this episode with Roberto has been helpful for all of you. For more advice on financial freedom through real estate, go ahead and check out our YouTube channel: GoFish Village.

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