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EP 40: Byron Sellers & Sharnice Williams - from Broke to Acquiring 4 Mobile Home Communities at 35!

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Byron & Sharnice have earned 7-figures buying and selling mobile homes. When they started, they didn’t have the capital or the credit to invest in real estate. Mobile Home investing is the best entryway to the mobile home investing game. They’ve been helping hundreds of students across the country to get a jump start in this industry while closing on hundreds of mobile homes and even acquiring four mobile home parks.At the beginning of their investment jounrney, they purchased 2 mobile homes that they found for under $5,000 (one for $3,700 and one for $500). Less than a month later they flipped the homes for a profit of $19,500. Sharnice’s salary at her old job was $39,000 a year. Once she realized that she just made half of her previous annual salary in a month she was convinced that they were on the right path. Her and Byron have been full steam ahead in the mobile home industry ever since. Together they’ve built a mobile home portfolio and developed the top educational platform online to educate investors on the industry..

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