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EP 7: Scaling to 2500 Units and $400 Million in 10 Years!



In this episode, we had real estate expert and Vive Funds founder Veena Jetti. Our wonderful discussion revolved around her historical 2500 unit portfolio coupled with a breath-taking $400 million funds that resulted from her trusted system, cutting-edge technology, and rich network. But before we continue to explore her amazing success in real estate investment, let us first go back to the basic factors that made her a leading figure in the industry. Veena began her real estate career after she left Corporate America. She graduated from college, aged 20, with a degree in Finance. After some time working in a large corporation, she left it for good in 2012 and pursued her passion in real estate. Right from the start, she really stood out and cannot be classified as a plain newcomer. Her mother is also a very successful real estate investor, and she made a routine to always bring Veena to closings and showings. She was also brought to attend really “boring” meetings which she came to appreciate and look forward to as an adult. The first deal involving her came even before she could barely walk. This routine left its mark on Veena, as she continued her mother’s success and legacy. She then founded Vive Funds, which focused exclusively on multifamily opportunities specifically on Class B value-added space. Soon right after, she struck her first deal which is a condominium deal in D.C. You may know that it is expensive living in the D.C., and so she made quite a portfolio in her first personal deal. If you cannot grasp the beauty of that first deal, another guest in our show related his amazing experience investing in D.C. He went there and bought a 3-unit condo for $400,000, and three years later, he sold it for 900 grand! That’s a testament to how lucrative real estate investing is. After she struck her first deal, she moved from D.C. and continued her real-estate deals. But it was not always paradise and butterflies for Veena. She also experienced the downside of being a woman in the industry. She talked about some situations where she was like being downplayed for being a woman, and some even asked for her husband's presence when talking about deals involving large sums of money. But she did not let that affect her performance, and saw that as an added fuel to perform better. With her innovative approaches, cutting edge technology, trusted partners and steel-iron determination, she moved on and scaled her business from one to many. One of her best strategies is called syndicating. While the word may sound fishy, raising syndicated funds is really a good move when it comes to investing. With this, Veena’s company looks for high-income individuals who want to be passive investors in real estate. She then lays out a deal that involves their cash, and Veena takes care of the rest. By using that method, she successfully made a remarkable scaling. She explained that scaling is merely targeting for more, just like after you made a one-unit deal, you will aim for five units, and then 25, and so on. According to her, everything will come into place after you struck your first 100-unit deal. But before we dig deeper, let us go back to passive real estate investing. In this method, Veena’s company looks for high cash flow individuals such as physicians, attorneys, and other high-income real estate investors. They will invest cash that is comfortable with them, and Veena’s team takes care of the active investing. That means that they will handle the active side of the deal, including talking to the other parties involved, taking care of the taxes and the actual purchase of the units. This method helped her rise against all odds. She recently made quite a milestone of having 2500 units in her portfolio! An astonishing $400 million funds come along with that, too. Definitely, jaw-dropping! As a matter of fact, she mentioned in the show that her recent deal involved $80 million and 494 units. A quick search revealed that it is Element 41 in the metropolis of Atlanta. That is truly a feat, especially for a woman that has immigrant parents. But Veena does not stop there. She also gives back to the community and is a leading philanthropist. She founded several non-profit and charitable organizations. Indeed, Veena is a testament that real estate investment has a lot in store for you. If you are dedicated to what you do and are laser-focused to succeed, nothing will ever stop you from reaching your goals. I hope that Veena’s remarkable story sparked a fire in you. For more advice on financial freedom through real estate, go ahead and check out our YouTube channel: GoFish Village.

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