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EP 29: Leveraging the Government to Purchase Multi-families..."The 203K Way" with Matt Porcaro!

Let's face it…The Odds are Stacked Against Aspiring Real Estate Investors. It’s seemingly impossible to find deals in this sellers market, banks require HUGE $XXX,XXX down payments for investments, and flipping and wholesaling strategies are COMPLETELY SATURATED. After 4 years of trying and failing at multiple different strategies to break into real estate investing, Matt Porcaro learned about a little known government backed renovation loan that allowed him to do a live-in house flip. Using this strategy, he managed to turn a small $9,500 down payment into $130k in liquid equity and $2k a month passive cash flow… in just 8 months! After being asked constantly by friends and family on how he did it, Matt created a community dedicated to leveraging this strategy called “The 203k Way™”. Since creating the community...he’s helped 100’s of aspiring investors get their first or next cash flowing, high equity investment property - with only a 3.5% down payment by leveraging renovation loan products. But it doesn’t stop there! Not only does the first 203k deal help his students achieve immediate equity and cash flow returns, but it acts as a catalyst to open the door to even more deals, and launch their real estate investing careers.

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