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EP 23: Creating Wealth Real Estate with Little or No Money!

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2002 - Real Estate Roots The official story is that Odis started his real estate career in 2002 as a Multifamily leasing consultant. The truth, however, is that he was fluent in the language of real estate from an early age. His father, Odis Jr., had been a real estate broker since 1971 and took young Odis with him to the office and client meetings. It did not take long for Odis to pick up his father’s work ethic and love of real estate. In 2003, Odis and his father opened their first office in San Jose, CA, and by 2005 they had added a mortgage brokerage to their list of services. Together they weathered the 2008 housing crisis until, in 2010, they had to close their doors for good. Odis returned to the Multifamily industry as a leasing consultant. From there, he was promoted to Assistant Manager, Community Manager, Senior Community Manager, and finally to Regional Manager, where he oversees $400 million in Multifamily real estate. 2008 - Drive to Help Others In 2008, Odis established the nonprofit organization Inside the Truth Ministries, Inc., which shared the message of love through the teachings of Jesus Christ. He financed this community outreach from his own pocket for three years until, after careful consideration, he closed the doors and turned his focus toward personal development. Soon Odis began using biblical principles in practical application to mentor new and would-be entrepreneurs. This remains his coaching style with professionals who are going through challenging times in their business. ​ 2020 - Community Outreach through Real Estate While starting a small business—which would grow to reach seven figures in revenue—Odis found real estate investing to be far more rewarding than being a real estate broker. Through a real estate investing educational program, he learned several investment strategies that required little or no out-of-pocket capital. Odis began buying real estate to create opportunities for potential buyers who faced obstacles to homeownership and freely shared his investment strategies through social media and various websites. He is regarded as an expert in single-family home flipping and now draws on his regional manager experience in his Multifamily acquisitions and development. Odis’s passion is to advance the economic position of African Americans through education, strategic investing, and relationship-building. He employs his unique background and skillset to concentrate on pre-gentrified neighborhoods of color, promoting ownership, commerce, and prosperity. Odis believes so strongly in the “never stop learning” mindset that he gives away his secrets to success.

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